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Clint Eastwood's Obsession with Invisible People in Empty Chairs Drives Wife to Therapy

SAN NARCISO, Calif. (Bennington Vale Evening Transcript) -- Entertainment media reported last Thursday that Dina Eastwood, star of the E! reality series "Mrs. Eastwood and Company," had checked herself into an Arizona care facility for depression and anxiety. Dina is the wife of acclaimed actor, director and producer Clint Eastwood, who is best known for his intense and edgy performances in films such as "Revenge of the Creature," "Francis in the Navy," "The First Traveling Saleslady," "Escapade in Japan," "Breezy" and "Casper." Relatives emphasized that Mrs. Eastwood, 47, is not undergoing treatment for substance abuse. On Tuesday, a spokesperson for the family officially announced that Dina is seeking therapy to help her cope with Clint's increasingly erratic and delusional behavior -- in particular, his obsession with invisible people in empty chairs.

Sources close to Mrs. Eastwood cite her husband's appearance at the 2012 Republican National Convention, during which he addressed an empty chair as though President Obama were sitting in it, as the beginning of his episodes.

Mr. Eastwood's selection as the RNC's keynote speaker, Dina affirmed, was at the time a sensible decision. From 1986 to 1988, Clint Eastwood served as mayor of Carmel-by-the-Sea, California. His affiliation was non-partisan, although he generally adopted libertarian principles, which appealed to conservatives.

Clint Eastwood also stands as a monument to Republican family values, evident in his fathering of eight children from six different women -- only two of whom he actually married.

But the bewildering and surreal RNC speech marked a noticeable decline in Mr. Eastwood's behavior, friends and relatives say.

"Soon after the convention, it became apparent to me that Clint really believed he was talking to people in the empty chairs around our home -- most of them long since dead," Dina told reporters.

"Every chair in the house was host to another invisible person," she added.

In the living room, Dina said her husband would often spin Hollywood yarns with John Wayne, who occupied a reclining lounger near the window.

Fatty Arbuckle allegedly confessed his crimes to Eastwood from a leather club chair beside the bar, begging forgiveness for raping actress Virginia Rappe in 1921.

Backstage at the 2012 convention, a Romney campaign aide said Eastwood told Paul Ryan that George Romney, resting on a folding chair at the craft services table, revealed to him the location of his fabled McDonald's For Life card.

"Mr. Eastwood seemed surprised that none of us could see or hear Mitt's father," the aide said. "According to Mr. Eastwood, George said something like, 'Somebody fetch Mitt and tell him to get my McDonald's card. I'm so hungry, I could eat one of Ann's ridiculous ballerina horses. But I'll settle for a Filet-O-Fish.'"

For Dina, the breaking point came two weeks ago when Clint exploded in a rage as she prepared a chair for the kitchen table.

"I had just served dinner and was about to take my seat when Clint blows his stack and yells, 'What the hell are you doing, woman? You're going to crush Julia Child!'"

The situation worsened from there. When Dina told her husband she wanted to see a therapist, Clint introduced her to an empty couch in his study where he claimed Dr. Sigmund Freud was waiting.

Friends confirm that Dina has considered filing for a divorce, and entertainment insiders anticipate the dissolution of the Eastwoods' marriage soon.

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