About San Narciso

Founded in 1966 and nestled between Los Angeles and Fresno lies beautiful San Narciso, California, one of the state’s best kept secrets. This quaint community offers scenic views of the nearby Pacific Ocean and the majesty of Southern California’s many mountain ranges, all from a single locale. San Narciso is also home to the Galactronics Division of Yoyodyne, Inc., one of the nation’s most vital aerospace industry contractors, and the county’s primary employer.

Citizens here work hard and play hard, but San Narciso offers a serene retreat at day's end. After picnicking at one of the award winning parks, scuba diving for “sunken treasure” in Lake Inverarity or hiking the Kinneret foothills, residents retire to the peaceful bedroom community of Bennington Vale.

But San Narciso is more than just another middle-class suburb. This thriving center of arts has attracted even the most reclusive celebrities to its valleys. Zapf’s Used Books, for example, has hosted readings from rare literary luminaries such as Charles Bukowski, Kilgor Trout, J.D. Salinger, and Thomas Pynchon. The Tank Players, who originated as a regional theater troupe in San Narciso during the late 60’s (named for the now defunct Tank arena), have gone on to win countless Tony Awards for over a generation. And underground radio station KCUF, the only affiliate ever kicked out of the NPR network, broadcasts today across the United States. Breaking ground in 1969 as a niche venture with a broadcasting radius of five miles, KCUF is now widely regarded as a pioneer in bringing new musical talent to the market. KCUF was shuttered in 1972, following a disturbing, confusing, and impossible to describe on-air incident involving DJ Wendell “Mucho” Maas' LSD-fueled rant about a conspiratorial postal service operating against the government. In 1987, the station was resurrected by Mr. Maas himself, along with support from key city council members and a team of angel investors. Mr. Maas remains the owner and operator of KCUF. He is also a majority shareholder in Yoyodyne, Inc.

About the Transcript

The Bennington Vale Evening Transcript has been serving San Narciso residents and business owners since 1968. The on-line edition was introduced in 2010. The paper was originally delivered after dark on weeknights to the residents of Bennington Vale, in the tradition of the New England papers of the early 20th century. For more details about the publication, its mission, legal notices, copyrights, and corporate information, please refer to the Company page.
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