Thursday, December 15, 2011

Norwegian Teen Diagnosed with PTSD after Traumatic Tour of St. Nicholas' Tomb

LILLEHAMMER, Norway (Bennington Vale Evening Transcript) -- Eager to celebrate the traditional festival of Saint Nicholas Day -- a largely European holiday that falls on December 6 -- Jurgen Enttauschungsohn, a teen-aged Santa Claus enthusiast, traveled from his home in Norway to the saint's birthplace in Turkey. "I's wanteds to honors the Christmas Mans in a deeply personals experience," Enttauschungsohn said. "I's hads no ideas whats was in stores for me. I wills nevers be the sames again." Workers at the historic preservation site told authorities that Enttauschungsohn collapsed and went into immediate shock at the conclusion of his tour. He is now recovering back home in Norway under medical supervision.

Saint Nicholas, more formally known as Nikolaos of Myra, was a fourth century saint and bishop in Lycia, which is now part of modern day Turkey. His miracles of intercession and efforts to provide gifts for the downtrodden earned Nicholas a reputation for altruism, a historic legacy that persists today in the incarnation of Santa Claus.

Enttauschungsohn told reporters that visiting the birthplace of his hero was meant to be the highlight of his lifetime. But when curators led Enttauschungsohn down a series of dank catacombs and into the room bearing Nicholas' tomb, the traumatized teen fell to the ground in the throes of a nervous breakdown.

"Theys showed me this coffins and says it's the restings place of St. Nicks," Enttauschungsohn sobbed. "He's deads. That's whats theys meants. Santa Claus is deads. Ands he's beens deads for thousands of years. Everybodies ins the worlds has lieds to me."

Enttauschungsohn's parents said their boy returned home dejected, disillusioned and with a dramatic change in behavior that doctors are now calling post traumatic stress disorder (PTSD).

A family physician overseeing Enttauschungsohn's care stated: "It's clearly PTSD. This boy has suffered trauma that we generally see in combat veterans. He no longer trusts those around him and has rejected his family completely. At this point, we have moved him to a mental health care facility where he can convalesce and undergo the necessary therapy. But even then, I'm not sure his trust issues will ever truly abate. It's a tragedy, to be sure."

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