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Naomi Campbell Mugged in Paris in November, Attackers Remain Hospitalized with Cell Phone Related Injuries

SAN NARCISO, Calif. (Bennington Vale Evening Transcript) -- French prosecutors said Friday that British supermodel Naomi Campbell had been mugged in Paris by two assailants who tried to steal her purse on the evening of November 21. U.S. media initially reported that Campbell had suffered a knee injury during the attack, which could require surgery. Because Campbell had refused medical attention at the time of the incident, and because her publicists declined to comment on the assault, details have been sketchy. Today, however, representatives from the prosecutor's office made more information available, with some startling revelations. "There was an attempted robbery with violence," an official said. "Two men on motorcycles tried to steal Ms. Campbell's handbag from inside the car she occupied, just outside the upscale Marais neighborhood. Ms. Campbell, who herself has a storied history of violence, defended her person and property in a most unusual but aggressive manner. The would-be thieves have remained hospitalized with serious injuries since November."

Between 1998 and 2008, Campbell, now 42, was accused ten times of committing acts of violence against employees, associates and even police officers. In 2000, Campbell pleaded guilty to attacking Georgina Galanis, her personal assistant, with a cell phone. Nearly all the incidents involved Campbell's BlackBerry, which French police have designated a "deadly weapon."

During the decade of Campbell's rampages, eight employees came forward to authorities with claims of physical abuse that included slapping, kicking, scratching and smartphone beatings so severe, the victims were discovered bloodied and practically maimed. In one case, Campbell held an assistant hostage. She also wounded her drug therapist and assaulted two police officers at London Heathrow Airport following an argument about lost luggage.

"It's a good thing they ban mobile phones on planes; otherwise, my partner and I might not be here today," one of the officers said at the time. "She spat at us instead. Even then, the ensuing loss of vision in my right eye is a far better fate than permanent disfigurement or death."

According to French police, when the robbers tried to forcibly enter the model's vehicle to steal her belongings, she was using her BlackBerry to insult various staff members back in Great Britain. Sensing the imminent danger, Campbell lept from the car and bludgeoned the two men with her phone.

"Anyone who knows anything about Naomi Campbell should have realized the folly of attempting to confront her while her phone was present," authorities in Paris said.

Campbell shattered the cheeks, nose and sternum of the first man before breaking three of his ribs and crushing his ankles with the BlackBerry. She also pulverized his left kneecap until it was attached to his body by only sinews. Those, police confirmed, she gnawed through, completely removing the lower portion of the leg.

The second man's face and windpipe were so brutally pummeled that doctors say he may require a full face transplant. This victim remains in critical condition, unable to breathe without the help of machines.

Due to the extreme nature and extent of Campbell's self-defense efforts, French authorities could charge the supermodel with aggravated battery or attempted murder. More details will be forthcoming as the investigation continues.

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