Friday, October 2, 2015

Op-Ed: America Needs More Gun Violence to Remain Free and Prosperous


By: F. Chester Greene

F. Chester Greene is a prominent local businessman, Republican Party leader, community leader, NRA member and 2016 write-in presidential candidate

Just as that sad mountebank Bernie Sanders caravans across America to exploit the outraged victims of Wall Street corruption for political gain -- a cheap sort of demagoguery he uses to bilk thousands of teachers out of tens of dollars to support his campaign (which I believe is a conspiratorial attempt at Zionist indoctrination) -- so too is the president exploiting the violence that rocked a rural Oregon college to push his anti-violence agenda. As a successful and hard-working businessman myself, I get sick and tired of weathering this administration’s attacks on capitalism. Big business runs this country. And guns -- combined with gun-related fatalities -- are very big business. But our commander in chief wants to erase the “free” in free market while, with the same vicious pen stroke, scratching out the “Blessings of Liberty” from the preamble of the Constitution.

Sure, President Obama loves to direct his vitriol and righteous indignation toward lobbyists for Big Pharma, Big Money, Big Oil, Big Guns, whatever. Meanwhile, though, he’s pandering to Big Peace. And the fat cats and robber barons driving the Big Peace money train are ruining this country. They want a New World Order, one in which people no longer enjoy their liberties -- like being free to make personal decisions, even when those decisions lead to mass shootings.

Without our God-given free will, we’re just mindless, lowly, self-serving, dog-eat-dog animals. Big Peace is about taking things away. Big Peace is about bankrupting the nation’s economic center and moral base. Imposing severe restrictions on gun ownership will cripple commerce. A government-imposed limitation on constitutional rights is a limitation on our spirit and earning potential. I know this will sound more radical than it should to reasonable people, but in reality we need more gun violence.

Did you know that about 102 million people in the United States own a firearm or live in a household with a patriot who does? Guns aren’t cheap. That’s a lot of money. Stripping the nation of its weapons will tear at the fabric of entrepreneurialism, revenue generation and income. Small business owners with gun shops will go under. Big retail chains like Walmart will lose a tremendous source of earnings. And that’s just the financial horror staring down those who sell firearms. What about the gun manufacturers? What about their employees? What about the people who produce and sell bullets? Or those who make targets and scopes and vests and specialized apparel and all the other accessories that complement the wares of this vital industry? Out of business, out of work, out of luck, America. That’s what!

Scared yet? Oh, well that’s just the tip of this iceberg. Death isn’t some morbid cottage industry -- it’s a thriving, profitable and growing marketplace. Coffins, caskets, urns, funeral services, burials, cremations, custom grave markers, wakes, catered receptions, will and inheritance processes, attorneys, estate sales, mortuary and embalming services -- they’re all necessary and lucrative enterprises that happen to employ a decent share of the country’s workforce. And a lot of these business operators make a killing every time some nut lets loose on a school or a loner freak turns a matinee into a massacre. Without a deranged, hate-fueled pistol frenzy each month, without this purging, every organization that profits off the freshly deceased will also find itself buried deep. Another vacant corpse left to the worms.

We also mustn’t ignore the role that disturbed gunmen play in maintaining balance. The thinning of the herd. The natural order of things. The circle of life. Here’s an example for the tree-hugging socialists out there.

Let’s pretend for a moment that your climate change crisis is a real thing. Your scientists say that eco-friendly shopping bags and recycling and energy efficient homes won’t do squat to repair the alleged damage to the planet. The real threat, they say, is the explosive and ongoing growth of the population, further complicated by greater health and longevity. We can’t sustain our resources or save Earth from swallowing itself up in a toxic shroud of waste without curbing the population. So if the liberals in charge clamp down on American freedoms by introducing strict gun control laws they’ve imported from commie places like Australia, you add another 10,000 people per year to the surplus headcount.

If President Obama truly wants to preserve the environment, restore the economy, abolish unemployment, champion the written word of the Constitution, guarantee our right to make our own choices, and honor the majesty and defining quality of God’s penultimate creation -- man with free will -- he’ll leave our guns alone. He will turn a blind eye to the poor decisions that others make, and appreciate instead that they were empowered to reach those egregious conclusions freely. He will stop capitalizing on tragedies to distract us from the real issues, or to promote his disastrous, economy killing agenda of peace and anti-violence. His extremist and Stalin-esque call for socialism -- for a subjugated nanny state where Big Brother wears Mister Rogers’ face -- will destroy us.

If Mr. Obama wants to save his adopted country of America, he would be wise to heed the insights of Bill O’Reilly: our freedom allows insane individuals to kill so many. We can ban weapons and stop them from killing so many, but insane people will never go away. However, if we reform our laws and put an end to this kind of wholesale violence, it’s our freedom that will be going away. That’s a fate worse than death, even a death that comes at the business end of a semi-automatic assault rifle wielded by a demented lunatic.

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