Saturday, November 27, 2010

Shop in Slovenia to Swap Misfit Toys for Practical Gifts

LJUBLJANA, Slovenia -- On a narrow cobbled street winding up to a medieval castle overlooking the Slovenian capital, the Darilnica gift shop opened this month. Darilnica is a place where people can exchange dubious Christmas gifts of any kind for something they really do want.

According to Reuters, "If your drawers are packed with the ghosts of Christmases past in the shape of unwanted gifts, a new Slovenian shop may be just the thing for you this year."

Four outcasts -- a failed silver prospector, a winged lion, an elf dentist and a reindeer with body image issues -- decided to open the shop to "make people think before giving presents," particularly at Christmas.

Among some of the toys returned were trains with square wheels, a rag doll with an acute fear of abandonment, an ostrich-riding cowboy, a Charlie in the Box, and a bird fish.

"People were so taken by these forlorn characters that many complained Santa was not seen fulfilling his promise to include them in his annual delivery," said King Moonracer, the winged lion in charge of the shop. "So, we have sort of a white elephant exchange program here to make sure that everyone benefits at Christmas, not just the white suburbanites in the United States whom Santa seems so taken with."

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