Friday, October 4, 2013

Alex Jones Reveals Tropical Storm Karen as False Flag Operation by Obama Administration

SAN NARCISO, Calif. (Bennington Vale Evening Transcript) -- Government watchdog Alex Jones has been an instrumental force in journalism, exposing President Obama's conspiracies to uninformed Americans and forcing Congress to take remedial action against agencies that are caught red-handed trying to perpetrate false flag attacks. As news spread Thursday of a firefight near the U.S. Capitol building, Jones immediately recognized the shootout as a feeble tactic by a desperate White House: "They're pulling a big distraction on us," he said, alluding to the event as a staged diversion to shift attention from the federal government shutdown over Obamacare. He also warned the public to "look for them to stage a bunch of stuff… Everything the globalists do is falling apart right now." On Friday, with FEMA personnel furloughed and tropical storm Karen raging toward the southern coast of Louisiana, Jones accused the Obama administration of engineering the hurricane to condemn brave Republicans for their refusal to accept a socialist health care policy, even though it led to the shutdown.

Last year, Jones' website speculated that the Department of Homeland Security (DHS) was stockpiling ammunition as part of an ominous plot to introduce martial law, ostensibly to combat President Obama's paranoid delusions of growing civil unrest. Edward Snowden's revelatory leaks about the NSA's domestic spying program certainly illustrated the president's fear of public opinion. The threat of waning support for Obamacare, Jones noted, could signal an end to the president's proposed Death Panels.

As a result of Jones' keen sensibilities and eagle eye for conspiracies, the GOP-led House of Representatives acted decisively by introducing legislation to prevent the DHS from building a covert munitions depot.

Late Friday afternoon, with Karen clocked at 50 miles-per-hour by meteorologists, Jones denounced the president's "vicious creation of a hurricane" to criticize Republicans for their "tough decision to protect our life, liberty and prosperity."

The storm is expected to reach hurricane speeds of 74 miles-per-hour or more by the time it hits landfall.

"President Obama blamed Speaker Boehner for treating the American people like pawns because of the shutdown, but this hypocrite has spent millions of taxpayer dollars to have his climate scientists create a tropical storm -- some deadly partisan plot to boost support for his socialist policies," Jones wrote.

He described Obama's fabricated hurricane -- derisively named after close Bush adviser Karen Hughes, whose job during Katrina was to convince the international community that the government's lackluster effort to rescue economically challenged blacks was just an unfortunate coincidence -- as a "brilliant but genocidal false flag operation."

"First, this storm has the power to lend some credence to Obama's BS climate change conspiracies," Jones explained. "Second, it's heading right for the Gulf Coast where oil rigs have already been evacuated. So, score another one for Obama's attempt to destroy the oil industry and put his commie green energy friends in charge. And third, it makes Republicans look bad for the shutdown because FEMA and other emergency response agencies have been furloughed. The rescue and salvage operations after the storm will be abysmal. And then Obama can blame all the devastation on Republicans for being 'selfish' and 'cutting essential services.' Sure, it's an amazing strategy, but it's not worth the lives of innocent Americans."

Jones plans to push for Obama's impeachment and criminal prosecution.

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