Wednesday, May 16, 2012

Masseur Drops $2 Million Sex Abuse Lawsuit Against John Travolta after Coming into Large Sum of Money

SAN NARCISO, Calif. (Bennington Vale Evening Transcript) -- One of the two male massage therapists who alleged in a $2 million lawsuit that actor John Travolta exposed himself during a session and then made inappropriate physical advances has dropped his case according to Gloria Allred, the attorney representing the claimant referred to only as John Doe No. 1. Travolta's lawyers initially argued that although their client may have seemingly groped the alleged victim's penis and attempted to touch his anus, those actions were undertaken according to well-intentioned rituals of Scientology, Travolta's religion. "The point of the interaction was not to arouse sexual reciprocation but to help an obviously troubled person clear himself of engrams, which are unwanted emotions or painful traumas not readily available to the conscious mind," Travolta's counsel told reporters on May 8. In response to the allegations that Travolta was propositioning the masseur for gay sex, attorneys for the defense attacked the accusations as "baseless, ridiculous, and opportunistic." John Doe No. 1's withdrawal of his complaint, Travolta's representatives say, vindicates the actor and Scientology.

Although Doe No. 1's motives for dropping the suit are unclear -- he maintains the veracity of his account, and his attorney refuses to comment -- those close to Doe No. 1 note that he came into about $2 million this week unexpectedly. A family friend said: "It was never really about the money for [John], it was about exposing a villain. The dollar amount was fixed to cover his therapy and court costs. But you know how it is with celebrities -- they're always going to walk away unscathed. And now that [John] has won this sweepstakes or whatever, he can afford to take care of his mental recovery without the additional stress of a trial."

Neighbors verified that on Monday two well-dressed men arrived in front of Doe No. 1's house in a corporate van from Bridge Publications.

"It was like Publishers Clearinghouse, I suspect," a woman who lives next door explained. "These cheerful, nice looking fellows from the publishing company showed up at [John's] house with some books in their hands and a large satchel. From what I could see, the literature had something to do with dialectics or dynasties or something like that. In any case, they spoke for a while, shook hands, and then the men drove away. Next day, I find out [John] had won a couple million bucks in some giveaway from Bridge Publications. Good for him, for all the things that poor man had to endure with that godawful actor from 'Battlefield Earth.'"

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