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Fake Media Downplays Trump’s Triumphs During First 100 Days


SAN NARCISO, Calif. (Bennington Vale Evening Transcript) -- The end of a president’s first 100 days in office is not a formal milestone, but during the last century this benchmark has come to symbolize a gauge by which to measure and forecast a new administration’s performance, based on initial accomplishments. But fake news outlets like NBC, CNN, NPR and the New York Times have discounted President Trump’s achievements to promote specious tales of failure and loss. Trump’s grand schemes, in under 100 days, have largely been realized. He has undeniably laid the groundwork to dismantle government, erect barriers between nations, end health care, privatize education, start a global war, weaken the power of fringe groups such as LGBTQ people and feminists, and clear obstacles like Native American protesters from America’s path to energy independence. In this era of fake media, it is important that journalists seek the truth. And the truth is that Trump , like Charlie Sheen, is winning.

The Media’s Failure is Trump’s Success

In November 2016, then President-elect Donald Trump published a brash and audacious 100-Day Plan to make America pure again. He campaigned brazenly as a catalyst for disruption and change. Where Obama offered hope -- a hollow and intangible concept, in lieu of action -- Trump pledged the opposite. He had no interest in coddling the nation. He had no designs to comfort the downtrodden or instill hope. And as president, he has delivered.

Fake media organizations, however, have ignored Trump’s resolve, downplayed his triumphs and distracted the public with blandishments. They omit the influence of Trump’s brinksmanship, while cherry picking convenient facts to paint the portrait of an illegitimate, racist, Islamophobic, anti-Semitic, homophobic, inept, ignorant, xenophobic, borderline retarded, child-raping, psychotic troglodyte.

“Over the first 100 days, we’ve seen a president who has failed to make the progress expected when the White House and Congress are controlled by the same party,” CNBC attacked, equating the president’s record to a worrisome report card that portends trouble ahead. “Trump has failed to deliver on any of the 10 legislative promises on the campaign trail. Trump has resorted to repackaging campaign promises into executive orders that will take years to develop into concrete policy changes. And his most consequential action – the travel ban – has now been blocked in both of its iterations.”

The fake news machines keep cranking out content at chop-shops like Salon and Time. They have flagrantly bypassed any discussion of the president’s commitment to the issues outlined in his 100-day plan, focusing instead on nebulous polling numbers. Reasonable readers understand that polling data remain inconsistent from one sample to the next, depending on the organization responsible for the study, the generally biased nature of the questions and the homogeneous demographic selected.

Salon’s figures vanquished the president with grades ranging from F to below C. Even Trump’s supporters, the publication claimed, scored his performance no higher than a B. Time observed that Trump will reach his 100-day mark with the lowest approval ratings of any president in modern history:

Trump’s approval rating is hovering around 40% as of April 23, according to Gallup -- just 5 points up from his lowest ever rating of 35% in late March.

The only other President in the past 70 years to come close was Gerald Ford, whose approval fell from 71% at the start of his term to 48% by his 100th day, after he pardoned Richard Nixon.

CNBC further accused the Trump administration of “lurching from one issue to another issue, with no apparent strategy except to create the illusion of activity.” But this reporting smacks of diversionary tactics, distractions and distortions.

Bombing Syria was no “illusion.” Trump ordered the launch of 59 Tomahawk missiles against a Syrian air base. And in a masterful stroke of diplomacy, Trump alerted Putin and al-Assad prior to the launch so they could protect their troops. Not only did the president follow through on his plans to use the military more aggressively, he demonstrated his posture as a wise elder statesman.

By all counts, the attack was successful. Russian warplanes were grounded before the shelling began, preserving the terms of Trump’s blackmail with Putin. And the assault claimed the lives of 18 Syrian fighters allied with the United States, leaving the butchers of al-Assad’s regime unharmed. After, Trump immediately authorized U.S. forces to drop the most powerful conventional bomb in their arsenal on Afghanistan, obliterating a suspected ISIS stronghold or civilian neighborhood. The damage was too extensive to indicate which.

100 Days That Redefined American Democracy

In reality -- the fact-based realm that fake media have chosen to label as “illusory” -- Trump has done more in 100 days to realize his executive vision than any past president. During the campaign, Trump castigated America as corrupt, economically frail, ignorant and an embarrassment to powers abroad. Since his victory, markets have collapsed, a corrupt businessman has seized control of the United States, the ignorant have triumphed and world leaders have condemned this once great democracy as a foolish comedy of errors. Through Trump’s leadership, things have actually become as horrible as he predicted.

Executive Orders

Trump pledged that he would pen more executive orders than his predecessors. Once he assumed his seat in the Oval Office, the president engaged in a flurry of activity, signing an unprecedented volume of executive actions. But Trump never promised that any of these orders would be passed or ratified.

Repealing a regulation, for example, requires a federal agency to undertake the same process used to formulate new regulations. There are close to 80,000 pages of published rules in the Federal Register. It would take years for Congress to consider, approve or vote down most of Trump’s executive orders. But that fault lies with the foundations of this democratic system of governance, its checks and balances, and distribution of powers -- not the commander-in-chief.

Running the Nation as a Business

Republican presidential candidates often campaign on the premise of running the country like a business. To date, Trump is the only chief executive who has honored this message. Business is not a democracy but rather an autocracy where executives make unilateral decisions. Employees and customers can do virtually nothing about it, except leave.

Business leaders can dictate the level of transparency or secrecy in their organizations. They alone may determine what information gets out. They craft the message. They decide who sees it and who does not. They establish the quality and breadth of benefits coverage. They can make terrible decisions that put workers at risk -- that ultimately leave the company in rubble -- but still quit their posts with huge bonuses. In business, nepotism is rampant. In business, the president’s prime directive is to satisfy the demands of shareholders -- investors from abroad or foreign trading partners, say from Russia -- not the needs of at-will workers whose livelihoods can be terminated at any time, for any reason.

Certainly, Trump has carried out his vision to run America as a corporation.

Dismantling Overly Regulated Government Institutions

To reinvigorate the nation’s economic might, Trump dedicated himself to dismantling the extraneous and overly regulated bureaucracies that have hobbled growth and prosperity: environmental protection agencies, occupational safety boards, fair labor and equality standards, corporate taxes, infrastructure, sovereign lands for indigenous people who live on fuel-rich reservations, alternative energy protocols, public schools and libraries, and scientific administrations.

Currently, the president has made much progress toward these ends. We may also experience a government shutdown if Congress fails to pass a federal budget. Trump inserted $1.4 billion in funding for the proposed border wall between the United States and Mexico. The last-minute concession could usher the nation toward financial insolvency. If that were to occur, Trump would have crippled government operations and run the country into ruin like one of his businesses.

The wall would also impede Trump’s access to the cocaine supplies that keep him alert and active on Twitter, although he has accepted this sacrifice to protect the nation from rapists and terrorists.

Ending Foreign Trade

Trump railed against the North American Free Trade Agreement every day of his candidacy. In his 100-Day Plan, the president asserted that he would renegotiate the terms of the agreement or repeal it. Critics of the administration have routinely emphasized that the White House has made no movement in this area.

Trump has implemented no official policy, but he has effectively stifled relations with most countries through his demeanor, actions, behavior, threats, vulgarity, insensitivity and hostility. Now that nations across the world want to limit their interactions with the United States, formal legislative procedures would appear unnecessary.


While Trump’s physical border wall seems unlikely to materialize, the ideological barrier he has created with groups that are not Christian, Caucasian, heterosexual males born in the United States has curbed immigration.

Illegal border crossings have plummeted by 40 percent. According to Pew Research, more Mexicans are actually leaving the United States than attempting to enter it. “Ever since Trump took power, we’ve got more people coming home. They are seeking better health care, good jobs, opportunities to enhance their quality of life and a safe environment, free from war,” a key Mexican immigration official noted.

With the constant peril of World War III looming over their heads, most Americans are now terrified of leaving the country. In fact, after Trump threatened conflict with Iran and North Korea over missile testing, millions of American refugees rushed to the border seeking asylum in Mexico. But to prevent known foreign extremists, rapists and job-stealers from entering the country, the Mexican government imposed crossing fees and extreme vetting processes for U.S. immigrants.

“Americans are a violent people,” the official explained. “We’ve seen countless extremists burning churches, shooting schools, committing all manner of hate crimes and so forth. America is the murder capital of the world, in terms of firearms. They rape women and children, yet serve no jail time. They are deadly religious fanatics who are bent on wiping out non-believers, in some inexplicable white jihad. And they keep sending their factories over here, stealing jobs from hard-working Mexican citizens.”

The president’s detractors may point out that his travel bans have been overturned by judges, yet the fact remains that Trump has proven instrumental in staunching the flow of immigration and emigration.

Restoring Real American Values

According to data collected by the Center for the Study of Hate & Extremism at California State University, San Bernardino, hate crimes in nine major metropolitan areas have increased dramatically since the election. On the low end of the spectrum, researchers found a more than 20-percent spike. Other regions boasted much higher numbers. Hate crimes in Washington D.C. rose 62 percent.

“In New York City alone,” NBC News reported, “there were 55 anti-Semitic crimes reported from Jan. 1 to March 5 this year, up 189 percent from 19 such incidents in the same period of 2016, the data showed.”

The article also noted that “bias crimes against Muslims and lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgender people accounted for much of the growth in hate crimes that were reported.”

President Trump has surrounded himself with white supremacists, nativists, racists, homophobes, evangelical extremists and anti-Semites. When assembling his cabinet, the president made sure to place them in key positions. People such as Steve Bannon and Jeff Sessions -- fiercely purist Americans who have longed for the restoration of the United States conceived by the Founding Fathers, before the Civil War and its subsequently horrifying amendments -- have dedicated their careers to setting the country back to its rightful habitation.

They have struggled against the immoral travesty of transgender bathrooms, equal rights, gender parity and the exclusion of Christianity as a legal mandate in schools and government buildings. They represent a population of historically true patriots who have been marginalized by socialist politicians -- opportunists that tout diversity simply to garner more votes. The astonishing growth of hate crimes illustrates that Trump’s Americans have become empowered and are taking back their country.

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