Thursday, March 10, 2011

8.8 Magnitude Earthquake Strikes Japan

TOKYO, Japan -- A massive 8.8 magnitude quake has hit northeast Japan, causing a four-meter tsunami along parts of the country's coastline. The temblor rattled buildings and caused some minor fires. The fact that buildings remain standing is testament to Japan's amazing infrastructure. Internet and phone services are already being restored. The government's response to the emergency has been controlled, organized, deliberate, and efficient. Unfortunately, many American news outlets seem more concerned about the value of the Yen dropping in the global marketplace.

We at The Bennington Vale Evening Transcript are suspending publication Friday through Sunday. Articles will resume on Monday.

We encourage people to donate blood or supplies or resources as needed by relief organizations. To follow news of the event, we recommend Reuters, BBC and Aljazeera as sources, which have historically provided some of the most accurate and timely reporting of international incidents. And finally, to our friends and loved ones in Japan, our thoughts go out to you. We wish the best to all those affected, either directly or indirectly.

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