Tuesday, July 17, 2012

Romney Says Plan Will Not Send 800,000 Jobs Overseas, Outsourcing is About Eliminating Jobs

WASHINGTON, D.C. (Bennington Vale Evening Transcript) -- Much has been made by the Obama campaign about discrepancies in Mitt Romney's tenure with Bain Capital. A lot of that confusion has been generated by Romney himself. The 2012 Republican presidential contender ostensibly wants the public to know two opposing things: one, that he was the "controlling person" in several Bain investments between 1999 and 2002; and two, that he was not actually the "controlling person" overseeing those investments. It's quite a pickle. A senior campaign advisor for President Obama summed up Romney's position as being either a felon for misrepresenting his position at Bain to the SEC, or a liar for misrepresenting his position at Bain to voters. Seizing on this momentum, Obama gleefully attacked his opponent for a plan that could send over 800,000 American jobs overseas. But Romney, who has since been on the defensive, cried foul with new attempts to illustrate "Obama's distortions and lies." Romney called the president's interpretation of his plan misleading and misinformed: "This proves the president knows nothing about business. We're not going to send nearly a million jobs overseas; the point of outsourcing is to eliminate jobs."

At the crux of Obama's position is Romney's support for removing U.S. taxes on profits made by American companies abroad. Doing so, economists argue, would create incentives for U.S. businesses to move their operations overseas, shifting hundreds of thousands of American jobs to countries such as China and India.

But Romney adamantly refutes this assertion.

"Companies exist to make money," he said. "Our mandate is to squeeze every penny we can in the name of making profits for our customers and shareholders. Does President Obama have any idea how expensive it would be to relocate American workers to other countries...on the salaries we pay them? Americans won't work for a dollar-a-day or less. Americans won't pull 20-hour shifts. Americans expect breaks and human rights and an HR department. And America's child laborers, in my experience, make poor sex slaves. They'd rather be slacking off and playing video games. We'd be losing money, in fact, which would only hurt the economy Mr. Obama has already eviscerated."

Despite the criticism at home, millions of young people throughout China took to the streets in an impromptu day of celebration, praising Romney as a job creator. While his plan produces no jobs domestically, thereby strengthening the fractured U.S. economy, it does open the door for hundreds of thousands of new positions in Asia. A group of recent college grads in Shanghai also announced plans to erect a statue of Romney fashioned from the steel of the collapsed World Trade Center buildings sent there by the Bush administration in January 2002.

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