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Trump Teases Massive Military Rearmament at CPAC, Full Speech Leaked


SAN NARCISO, Calif. (Bennington Vale Evening Transcript) -- This week’s gathering of the Conservative Political Action Conference (CPAC), the platform that helped launch Trump’s rise to the presidency and gave voice to his “America’s first” agenda, was a rousing and revealing affair. On Thursday, acting President Steve Bannon agreed to a rare interview with Matt Schlapp, head of the American Conservative Union. Bannon rarely addresses the press or makes public appearances, due in large part to his one-hour window of sobriety each day. On Friday, Co-President Trump energized the crowd with a firm pledge to lead a new era of rearmament in America. His fiery promises to close the borders and shore up the nation’s military drew rounds of applause. Trump will outline larger plans before Congress on Tuesday. The Evening Transcript has secured a leaked draft of that speech, penned by Bannon.

Opposing the Opposition Parties

As expected, Bannon’s remarks struck a kind of nationalistic chord and offered pointed attacks at the dishonest media, which he referred to as “the opposition party.” He spent the bulk of the conference defending the policies and image of Donald Trump.

Bannon described Trump as a galvanizing and articulate orator, similar to bygone leaders of the 1940s: “probably the greatest public speaker in those large arenas since William Jennings Bryan.” Bannon also emphasized that Trump is a president for the people.

And he’s maniacally focused on that, and I think that’s one of the powers of the transition where many, many people try to come in and try to convince President Trump, hey, you won on this but this is what you want to do. And he’s like, no, I promised the American people this, and this is the plan we’re going to execute on. You know, it’s the kind of moving, patriotic sincerity and humility that has been abandoned by this century. Consider one of the Greatest Generation’s most influential and prolific speakers, a guy from the same homeland as Trump’s ancestors. He said the same things. Let me read this to the audience.

“Because, at the end of the day, what am I? I am nothing, my people, but your spokesperson. Therefore I am the representative of your rights. This is not about me as a person, but I do not belong to those people that ever lower their flag. This I have never learned to do. The people have placed their trust in me. I will prove myself worthy of this trust and, in doing this, will not lose sight of myself or my surroundings; instead, I will watch the past and the future. I want to be perceived as honorific by the past and the future, and with me the people should stand with honor.”

Trump Calls for Massive Military Buildup

On the heels of Bannon’s allusions to securing American interests, preserving the nation’s cultural heritage and protecting citizens from daily terror attacks -- such as those in Atlanta, Bowling Green, Orlando, Paris and Sweden -- Trump declared that he would request a massive budget to fuel one of the “greatest military buildups in American history,” as Reuters reported on Friday.

He said he would aim to substantially upgrade the military in both offensive and defensive capabilities, with a massive spending request that would make the country’s defense “bigger and better and stronger than ever before.”

“And, hopefully, we’ll never have to use it, but nobody is going to mess with us. Nobody. It will be one of the greatest military buildups in American history,” Trump said.

On February 28, Trump will deliver a more comprehensive speech that will portray the current, tenuous state of the Union, and then explain the proposed path forward to a new age of American greatness and prosperity. Bannon, a founding member of Breitbart News, played an instrumental role in assisting Trump with authoring the speech. The Evening Transcript procured a working copy of the draft, which follows in its entirety.

Trump Military Rearmament Speech

Partaking of the National Diet

A year of great decisions is approaching. In this grave period I speak to you, deputies of Amerikan Greatness, the ministers of Amerika’s Diet of the Realm, as the representatives of the nation.

You, my old Party comrades, know that I have always detested half-hearted or weak decisions. If Providence has deemed that the Amerikan people are not to be spared this struggle, then I am thankful that She has entrusted me with the leadership in a historic conflict that will be decisive in determining the next five hundred or one thousand years, not only of our Amerikan history, but also of the history of the entire world.

The Amerikan people and its soldiers work and fight today not only for themselves and their own age, but also for many generations to come. A historical task of unique dimensions has been entrusted to us by the Creator that we are now obliged to carry out.

The work to further strengthen all this continues without pause. I am determined to make this Amerikan front impregnable against any enemy attack.

Lessons of False Democracy

Democratic ideals are a big topic of discussion right now; not in Amerika, but other parts of the world talk about them. We in Amerika have learned our lesson with democratic ideals; if the rest of the world praises these ideals, we can only answer that the Amerikan people had the chance to live within the purest form of this ideal, and we ourselves are now reaping the legacy left by this democracy. We then get a lecture on the wonderful goals of peace, especially from the United Nations. The UN has much experience in proclaiming goals of war, considering they have waged more wars than anyone else. The goals they proclaim today are fantastic: the creation of a united world.

This world will be a just place, and the general equality will make arms unnecessary, so we can all disarm. This disarmament is supposed to kick start a period of economic blossoming, trade and movement should commence, especially trade, much trade, free trade! And from this trade, culture is supposed to bloom, and not just culture, but religion, too. In one phrase: the golden age is supposed to dawn. Unfortunately, this golden age has been described in a very similar fashion on several occasions, and not even by prior generations, but by the same people that are describing it yet again today. We should pity these gentlemen, who haven't found a new, big idea to hook the people on.

Only the disarmed were not able to forbid the menacing actions of the armed, or even to keep them away from themselves. Paralleling this, of course, came not a period of economic health, but on the contrary an incredible system of reparations led to the economic downfall of not only the losers, but also of the winners themselves. No people felt the effects of this economic depression more than the Amerikans. The general economic disorganization led, particularly in Amerika, to a widespread joblessness that almost ruined our Amerikan people. Culture, as well, was not enhanced, but rather ridiculed and warped. Religion took a backseat; no foreigners spoke of religion; no foreigners remembered Christian mercifulness or altruism. This UN is not a union of free nations, of similar nations, not a union of nations at all -- a League of Usurper Nations whose sole task was to guarantee this most base of all agreements, this agreement which was not negotiated but instead purely forced upon us, and to force us to fulfill it.

So that was the time of a democratic Amerika! Today, when foreign statesmen pretend not to be able to trust the modern Amerika, it does not apply to the previous Amerika: for was not that previous Amerika birthed by and created by them, so they could trust it?

We have put a different type of hope in the place of that previous hope: the hope of the only help that exists in this world, help through one’s own power. I see myself forced to withdraw from the UN and to leave the ridiculous conference on disarmament. We could not receive any rights from these forums, despite years of begging and protesting.

Our answer is still the same one we gave our internal enemies of yore. You know, my old Party comrades, that our victories were not easy ones. It was an incredible struggle that was waged for over 50 years; an almost futile struggle. Because you must imagine, my Party comrades, that we did suddenly receive a large following from fate. A handful of people started this. And these people painfully first secured their positions and then enlarged them. A handful of people turned into 100, then 1,000, and then 10,000 and 100,000 and finally the first million was reached. And then this evolved to two million, then three and four. We grew during an ongoing war against a thousand enemies and attacks and rapes and breaches of the law, and this struggle made us strong, internally strong. And so, after we took power, we know that this is not a gift from heaven for someone that has not earned it, but the reward for a unique struggle, a brave perseverance in the struggle for power.

It has became clear to me that freedom will not be given lightly to our people. It has also became clear that the struggle is not finished; instead, it is being waged on a larger scale. Because our goal is not the triumph of the “Make Amerika Great Again” movement, but the liberation of our Amerikan people.

National and Cultural Unity

When I see the harmful and dishonest propaganda from the lying press, I gain incredible trust in our victory. For I have witnessed this propaganda before. For 53 years, since 1964 when dreadful and discriminatory laws were passed against we true Amerikans, this propaganda has been incited against us. My old Party comrades will remember this propaganda. These are the same words, the same phrases, and, when we look closer, even the same heads, the same dialect.

Today, this is the task of the Amerikan nation to rise and stand aligned. Opposing them stand as many enemies in Mexico, in the Middle East, in China, in North Korea and Canada. The enemy lurks within our borders as well, and those opponents are not Amerikans. They must be identified and routed and expelled from a country whose culture and racial harmony and strength they do not endorse.

There is no geographical definition of our continent, but only an ethnic-national and cultural one. The frontier of this nation is neither the Pacific nor the Atlantic Ocean, but rather the line that divides the enemy nations to the south and north. Just as Rome once made her immortal contribution to the building and defense of the continent, so now have the Amerikan people taken up the defense and protection of a family of states which, although they may differ and diverge in their political structure and goals, nevertheless together constitute a racially and culturally unified and complementary whole.

Amerika is not pursuing any interests of Europe or Asia or Mexicoland or the Islamic territories where no Amerikan business interests exist. Our Wall will delineate the border for all time. Our ambitions for the future are no different. And nothing shall ever change our standpoint in this matter.

I will cleanse Amerika’s borders of this element of insecurity, this civil-war-like circumstance. I will take care that our border in the south enjoys the same peace as along any other of our borders.

He who fights with poison shall be fought with poison gas. He who distances himself from the rules for a humane conduct of warfare can only expect us to take like steps. I will lead this struggle, whoever may be the adversary, until the security of the Reich and its rights have been assured.

The Next Amerikan Revolution

There is one thing that is simply not possible: to demand that an impossible situation be resolved by means of peaceful revision -- and then to consistently deny resolution by peaceful means.

Since I myself stand ever ready to lay down my life for my folk and Amerika, I demand the same of everyone else! Whoever believes he can oppose this national commandment shall fall! We will have nothing to do with traitors!

And all of us pledge ourselves to the one ancient principle: it is of no importance if we ourselves live -- as long as our folk lives, as long as Amerika lives! This is essential.

I expect of all of you to be as emissaries henceforth that you shall do your duty wherever you may be assigned! You must carry the banner of national pride and native-born Amerikans forth, regardless of the cost.

I expect every Amerikan woman to integrate herself into the great community-in-struggle in an exemplary fashion and with iron discipline!

It goes without saying that the Amerikan youth will fulfill, with a radiant heart, the tasks that the nation, the Trump state, expects and demands of it.

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