Wednesday, May 4, 2011

News in Photos: Andy Dick Arrested in Calif. Restaurant for Being Andy Dick

Celebrity* Andy Dick was arrested again, this time at a restaurant in Temecula, Calif. Officers who responded to the disturbance said Dick was drunk and disorderly.

“He was basically behaving like a Dick. But after eight prior arrests and years of inexplicable celebrity, a crime in itself, we’ve come to expect that,” said one police officer at the scene. “He’s always going to be a Dick. That’s just a part of his nature. And after he gets out of jail, I’m sure he’ll start acting like a Dick in some other place. It’s unfortunate for all the other people who have to be subjected to this.”

*Editor’s Note: The original article erroneously cited Andy Dick as a “comedian.” We have since corrected this mistake.

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