Saturday, December 4, 2010

Ashton Kutcher's Alleged Mistress Brittney Jones Releases Sex Tape

HOLLYWOOD, Calif. -- Brittney Jones, the woman with whom “actor” Ashton Kutcher allegedly had an affair, continues in her attempts to cash in on the rumor despite efforts by Kutcher and his wife, Demi Moore, to disprove the infidelity.

Jones’ confusing elaborations of the tryst now include graphic phone calls between her and Kutcher, accusations that Kutcher had impregnated her, participation in a consensual threesome involving Demi Moore, and most recently the release of a sex tape by Vivid Entertainment. For the most part, Kutcher and Moore have been successful in rebutting any proof that could link Ashton to the affair. The details offered by Jones about the phone calls have been dubious at best. Ashton Kutcher, by most medical accounts, is also not far enough into puberty to actually sire offspring.

Then there’s the issue of the sex tape. While the woman in the film is clearly Brittney Jones, reviewers have not concluded that her male counterpart is Ashton Kutcher. Although Vivid Entertainment stands by Jones’ statements that Kutcher is the man in the video, other experts told reporters, “It’s just too hard to tell. The footage is of poor quality and resolution. It appears to have been taken by a Nikon COOLPIX camera, which we all know to be a very amateurish and silly device.”

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